What we offer

  • Opportunity to interact with nature and creating awareness for its care.
  • Rest and disconnection
  • Opportunity to learn about our ecosystem (forests, fauna), our culture (Chachapoyas culture), and our traditions (weaving, ceramics, history)
  • Organic food from our own garden. Following the philosophy “Mileage 0” (consume what we produce both at home and what our community produces, minimizing the emission of CO2)


  • Buffet breakfast included in the accommodation.
  • Lunch and/or dinner made with products from our organic garden.
  • Internet connection from our Main House.
  • Daily cleaning of our bungalows.
  • Taxi service to and from Jaén, Cajamarca or Chachapoyas airport.
  • Itineraries and packages coordinated with our operators. We contact you with them. To see the packages, click on the following link: