Welcome to Rangra Wasi

We traveled many years through the interior of the country, always with the illusion of finding a place that combined everything a traveler wants to see: vegetation, birds, wildlife, archaeological remains, ancestral traditions, impressive views and hospitable people.

My architect husband and myself, a hotel manager, arrived in Leymebamba for the first time attracted by the enigmatic Chachapoyas culture. We wanted to visit the Leymebamba museum, which houses more than 200 mummies. These were found in the impressive Laguna de los Cóndores, which left us captivated since our first visit.

From that moment on, we decided to travel through the entire Uctubamba Valley and its hidden treasures, because in addition to the traditional tourist places, there are countless interesting archaeological remains around Leymebamba.

We were surprised to discover, not only the Chachapoyas culture, but also its ancestral traditions. All of these highlighting the potential of their people, the wealth of its lands, the Uctubamba river, and the rains that irrigate the fields abound.

We decided to stay on this side of the Uctubamba Valley, where we can be in presence of the Chachapoyas culture while having the peace and tranquility we were looking for.

Come and stay in our house, your house, RANGRA WASI.

Patricia y Álvaro Aramburu