Leymebamba Museum

This archaeological museum is located in the annex of San Miguel, district of Leymebamba.

By the initiative of some residents back in 1997, some funerary remains of the Chachapoyas culture were found on a rock cliff in the Laguna de los Cóndores. After they notified the authorities of the Leymebamba community, together with a group of archaeologists they undertook the journey to recover them. This way, they would be able to preserve a valuable archaeological discovery that could disappear to the hands of unscrupulous visitors. It is relevant to mention that this was a very difficult task since it was done on horseback between thick vegetation and heavy rain.

This museum was built specifically to house the valuable collection with 261 mummies and more than 200 funeral goods. Its architecture is in complete harmony with the environment by using many concepts and details typical of the collection it houses. The use of stone, circular walls and friezes adds to the historical experience of a visit. It was inaugurated in June 2000 and it has 5 rooms: 3 archeology rooms, 1 ethnography room and 1 room full of informative activities.

Based on an initiative from The Bioanthropology Foundation Peru – Centro Mallqui, the construction of the Leymebamba Archaeological Museum was possible thanks to the financial contribution from a group of Austrian citizens and other private donations. The Leymebamba community contributed to its construction by providing labor, construction materials and their personal care.