Rangra Wasi

eco lodge

Located in the Utcubamba Valley, Rangra Wasi is a proposal for resting, escaping from daily routine, and becoming one with nature.
Get your energy back, explore, and enjoy the stunning views! Come with us and walk through our proposal.


Our history

Ten years ago we fell in love with this place, as it combined an ancient culture, breathtaking landscapes, good weather, and a surprisingly wide biodiversity, all in one place. We now wish to share this unique spot on Earth with you.


Meet the Utcubamba Valley, Kuelap, and Gocta from a different perspective

If you wish to rest, get your energy back, and have a close encounter with the attractions of the Chachapoya Culture in the Utcubamba Valley, Rangra Wasi Eco Lodge is the place to go. We have made this a haven for you to relax but, if your plans include non-stressful tours to the most exciting parts of the valley, we will be happy to explore them with you.

We are in Leymebamba, at the edge of the Utcubamba Valley. In Rangra Wasi you will have a chance to meet the real Chachapoya Culture, only a couple of minutes away from the famous mummies in the Leymebamba Museum.

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